Domestic Telemedicine/Appointment


Annual Plan

A telemedicine arrangement is much the same as an in-person appointment. You will sit before a camera where you will have the option to see yourself and your healthcare provider on the screen once your meeting starts. These arrangements are additionally called virtual medical visits.

Your healthcare team will ask you inquiries and work with you to build up an arrangement of care, giving a similar nature of care you would get an in-person consultation.

Customers can avail unlimited consults for 1 year with a minimum time gap of 20 Days for the new consult (exceptions can be reviewed).



Why Texas Medical Concierge?

1. Top-notch Healthcare from your home

2. Second assessment for your healthcare needs

3. Keep in contact with your Doctor – from any place you are

4. No waiting time in the appointment queues

5. Decrease travel, food and convenience expenses and spare time

6. Easy follow-up consultation up with your preferred Doctor to guarantee appropriate consultation

7. Security – all patient data is regulated and maintained as per HIPPA regulation

8. Remain guaranteed and feel sure with your virtual help