E-Medical Records


Annual Plan

Where do you store all your clinical information? If there is an occurrence of a crisis, how will you manage if you are away from your home or nation?

While some data will be with you and remaining are with medical clinics, labs, and your doctors. Further information is frequently on different mediums like paper, films, hard circles, pen drives, or other electronic media.

Suppose your medical records are on a secured cloud and can be accessed from anyplace on the planet?

Having a precise, graphical, chronological arrangement of your past medical history, test results, and remedies, etc are entirely significant. The ready accessibility of records can spare your life. It enables your primary care physician to take a superior choice while helping you to be in charge and mindful.

Let an expert in the medical work area deal with your clinical records while you approach merged dated records on an application and a protected patient portal. This encourages you or patient as well as enables the family and guardians to share data among specialists and other relatives so everybody is on the same wavelength.



Our committed clinical group can assist you in making your own clinical document.

Stage 1: You send every one of us existing clinical information: Papers, Disk, Link’s, Cloud, G drive and approve us to pull your information from other specialist organizations

Stage 2: Our clinical transcription team combines, digitizes on HIPPA consistent platform

Stage 3: We share your patient portal login credentials with you

Stage 4: Now your information can be shared with everyone and your primary care physicians whenever required

Stage 5: We regularly update your patient portal as you send us more data