International Medical Second Opinion Facilitation


Annual Plan

(This plan includes medical record digitization)

Human services today need to ride the tide of innovation and Healthcare tomorrow will have no topographical boundaries. Texas Medical Concierge is committed to overcoming any barrier among quality and openness inside the social healthcare showcase.

Talk with leading clinical specialists without traveling. As our advances license correspondences among patient and medical services experts with both comfort and devotion. On the off chance that you have the will, we are your direction.

We have partnered with Several Centres of Medical excellence such as Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins, St Baylor, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Children hospital of Philadelphia, and several others.



At Texas Medical Concierge we are pleased to join front line advances to beat the separation between patients, specialists, and specialists. Utilizing top-notch video, boosted sound, and cutting edge clinical gadgets, we can help patients with constant follow-ups. We help patients to discover super-authorities in Mesial field who are most appropriate for their requirements and help them with all parts of clinical consultation including:

  • Virtual clinical conferences with Medical driven specialists and experts in our cutting-edge telemedicine facility.
  • Secured transmission of electronic medical records.
  • Post-mediation and follow-up care for our patients who have experienced methodology abroad.


TMC Collaborations