Medical Concierge


Annual Plan

A Unique Care Model

One-stop solution for all your healthcare needs. Our unique process enables us to provide you services using cutting edge digital technology.

Your Concierge Physician takes care of all your health and wellness needs. While they do not prescribe medicines or treatments they are your

  • Personal Health Desk
  • Health Advocate
  • Medical Secretary
  • Medical Record Manager
  • Health Manager
  • Clinical Liaison
  • Medical Case Manager

Your Concierge Physician is your one point contact for all your medical needs and emergencies.

This Service Includes all the other services of Texas Medical Concierge.



At Texas Medical Concierge we help you navigate the complex world of healthcare by simplifying your search for a specialist doctor and the hospital best suited for your needs. We research schedule appointments and manage your case so that you and your family can concentrate on getting well while we take care of your concierge needs.

You can benefit in the following ways

  1. Have a professional team manage all your medical needs locally and internationally
  2. Continuity of care and coordination between all your health providers
  3. Post-intervention & follow-up care if you have undergone treatment overseas
  4. Have your medical data accessible while you travel
  5. Have a reliable team help take care of your aging parents or sick family member
  6. Have someone represent your interests and watch your back

We have served as a trusted resource for families around the world by guiding them through some of the most important decisions impacting their health and well-being.