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Loosing a loved one is very painful. It’s harder when you have no one to blame. You feel helpless when you realize that the problem lies in the system.

Texas Medical Concierge started in 2013 by Aanchal and Karan Bhatia as a passion project for the Uttam Group after one such tragic loss, their father. We lost founder Dr. P.L. Bhatia due to several inefficiencies in our healthcare ecosystem. We lost him in-spite of being extremely well networked into that very system for over 45 years.

We realized that a gap exists globally – the problem is Nobody Represents The Patient. Typically your care team is working for the interests of a hospital, pharmacy or an insurance company. There are so many questions that often don’t have a clear answer.

  • How will you present your medical condition correctly to a specialist? When you are in legal trouble you have a lawyer who presents your case to a judge but no consultant is there when you are sick.
  • Who will help you choose your medical team?
  • Who will organize your data?
  • How will you make a decision based on medical intelligence and not emotions or hearsay?

our motto

Health is by choice not by chance

We set out to plug the gaps and be the world’s first Global Patient Advocacy Firm that focuses on the patient’s interests and needs.

Texas Medical Concierge (TMC) is based on the need for an objective, unbiased resource to help guide individuals and their families through a logical, informed decision-making process in all matters related to their health. Currently, our members are in 25 cities globally and we hope that we will be able to help more people in more parts of the world.

We have built on the Uttam legacy through our people, our passion and our processes leading to success stories around the globe.

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